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Hunky Dory, an expert in preschool education is the right choice for your little bundle of joy.
  • We have nurtured more than 750 kids
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  • We provide Holistic Education
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We offer programs from Play School till Kindergarten, along with Daycare facility. With years of dedicated research, we have developed the best-in-class child-centric learning methodology. We ensure that every child learns and develops in the best possible way.

We aim to stimulate a child's imagination and let them admire a new world by providing opportunities to grow and develop through unique and interesting methods.
  • Age: 1.3 - 2.5 Years
  • Class Size: 15
Kids are given exposure to building on language ability, logical reasoning, numeric ability and scientific thoughts. We try to imbibe learning in a friendly environment with no pressure at all.
  • Age: 2.3 - 3.3 Years
  • Class Size: 15
The focus is mainly on preparing children for formal school. Teaching is such that children tend to ask questions and direct their own educational trajectory, thus developing a sense of understanding.
  • Age: 3.3 - 4.3 Years
  • Class Size: 20
Why Hunky Dory?

Techno Smart Learning

Technology-based Smart Classrooms give opportunities for teaching and learning by integrating technology, such as TouchPads, Projectors, and audio/visual capabilities. Children play on the touch panel & simultaneously learn alphabets, numbers, shapes, colours, fruits, vegetables, animals, transports, etc.

Health & Hygiene

Good hygiene is the key to healthy living. We follow strict hygiene standards.

Safety & Transportation

Pick and Drop Facility. You can keep an eye on your kid through CCTV.
Hunky Dory Preschool


The classes are well equipped with first aid and medical facility for the children with Doctor-On-Call for any medical emergency.

Meals Provided

Hot and delicious freshly cooked meal is provided to Day Care students. Keeping in mind a child’s varied taste buds, the balance between taste and nutrition is maintained.

Qualified Teachers

Our rigorous screening and hiring process ensures that we hire bright and enthusiastic talent who is best for the kids.
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The Truth About Parenting

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    Learning Through Experience And Exploration
    We at Hunky Dory believe in the Theory of Multiple Intelligence. For example, one child can learn numbers through footsteps moving up and down while a second child can grasp it more easily through pictographs. On the other hand third child through number song and forth by writing and learning. Each kid’s brain develops differently, and individuals may have certain parts of the brain that are more highly developed than other parts. Moreover, all the parts of the brain are interconnected which can lead to each of the parts of the brain working either independently or in concert to help a student learn based on the learning environment.

    Joy Of Reading and Learning

    We have specially designed Library in the shape of a car. As a part of our curriculum, every Friday a book is issued to all the kids. It encourages a child’s cognitive development, improves language skills and academic performance.
    Our goal is to motivate children to want to read so they will practice reading independently. This happens when children enjoy reading. We encourage Parents to do this by reading great stories and poems.

    Importance of Arts & Crafts In Early Education…

    Give the toddler a crayon, they will paint the whole house!

    When kids engage in arts & crafts from an early age, they in a way are strengthening reasoning, critical language skills, fine motor skills, decision-making skills, etc.

    Not only painting but we at Hunky Dory let the children express themselves in the form of various creative forms like,

    Dance & Music

    Instrument Learning

    Stage/Theatre Exposure

    The best part, kids love doing it.

    Benefits of Sand & Water Play…

    We let the children enjoy with the natural resources. Playing with sand & water encourages sensory development.

    All children enjoy exploring sand and water as it’s usually in the form of self-directed explorative play. It allows them to work independently or with other children. It improves their social skills and ability to share and play with others.

    It also helps children to understand different movements such as tipping, splashing and pouring as well as different concepts like ‘more than’, ‘less than’ and ‘equal to’.

    There is a lot to be learnt from sand and water play, and children can develop a clear understanding of colour, size, capacity, measurements, weight and time.

    Learning By Watching

    To make teaching more interesting and effective, Audio-Visual rooms are set up with technology-enabled teaching tools like large LCD or Projectors. Children tend to enjoy more while watching videos, stories, animated clips, nursery rhymes, pictures, etc.

    We have Mini Auditorium equipped with small stage and audio/ video equipment to give children stage exposures, organise various events for parents and celebration of various festivals.

    The Learning Curve – Infrastructure…

    We have designed the infrastructure in such a way that it is child-friendly, safe, secure, well-maintained, hygienic, well ventilated and spacious enough. No parent will be satisfied if they see the school building in dull colours or playground and other amenities not very colourful and attractive. We strongly believe that the physical environment in which learning takes place has a large impact on the outcome of education.

    Specially Designed Gym: Our specially designed gymnastics equipment is scaled to fit toddlers’ and preschoolers’ that is smaller hands and bodies allowing our tiniest athletes to do gymnastics “just like the big kids.”

    Mini Auditorium: We have mini auditorium equipped with small stage and audio/ video equipment to give children stage exposures. Various programs are shows takes place here like magic shows, bear shows, monkey shows, puppet shows, sledge riding, etc.

    Opportunity To See And Learn..

    We have bright and engaging classroom themes to promote an exciting and curiosity filled learning environment. It is more fun to teach and learn using a theme. It harnesses curiosity to motivate learning. Theme based education is the perfect fit for small and multi-age classes. It gives the opportunity to see learning as a connected process that has application to real life. Some of the themes are:

    • Around the World
    • Environment Day
    • Life without Water
    • Ocean World
    • Season And Holiday based theme
    • Community Helpers

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